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A History of Boyd Construction Company over 50 Years of Excellence

    Ron is a native of Abilene, Texas. Graduated from Abilene High School and joined the US Navy from Abilene.  He first started working construction on a framing crew for his Dad, who was a custom home builder in Albuquerque New Mexico just after discharge from the US Navy. Ron learned the home building business literally from the ground up. In 1960, he married Carol who was born and raised in Sweetwater, Texas. They have 2 boys and 2 granddaughters, and are active members of Broadview Baptist Church in Abilene.
    In 1971, he went to work for Wood Bros. Homes (4th largest home builder in the USA) in Albuquerque as a construction superintendent. Two years later, was promoted to Construction Manager for Albuquerque and Sante Fe. That year they built and closed over 400 houses. In 1979, He was transferred to San Antonio, Texas as Construction Manger of 2 new start -up projects.
    By 1980, Ron and Carol decided they were tired of the nomad life and wanted to settle down in Abilene, Texas. Carol had been with CPA firms for 17 years. They moved in the fall of 1980 and Boyd Construction Company became a reality.
    As reality’s go, after several really good years, the “oil crunch” arrived. Those who did not realize they were in the oil business, soon found out they were!
    It takes a lot of staying power to be a quality home builder! Ron is proud of the homes he has built over the years and continues to strive for “Better than the best” quality from all his sub-contractors. It has always been the motto for Ron that anyone can build you a “house”………”LET US BUILD YOU A HOME”……….one that you will be proud to live in for the rest of your life!